…examples of twelves, a final record…

2011 July 25
by admin

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We’ve released two great records by examples of twelves.  Firstly an octet record, our very first ever record and secondly an electronic and improvised experiment one of our first CD’s.  Now we present Things will be the final piece in Riaan Vosloo’s Twelves puzzle. A record that wraps up some of the ideas and material from the first two records in an epic conclusion.

As always we have 300 limited hand letter pressed covers, the best fidelity analog recording and mastering chain and the best trailblazing musicians London and the UK has to offer.  There’s a free track to download over at Bandcamp, plus an introductory hi res download for just £2.  Of course the smart monies on the LP’s.  Buy it now and sell it in twenty years to put your kids through college.    LP’s on sale while they last here >>

If you missed the previous two installments we’ve scrapped together a few copies from the archive and you can get a very limited package of all three records for £20 while they last here >>

That’s not all, Also over at band camp there’s a fantastic free mix of an examples concert to download.  Don’t say we don’t spoil you.

…sara mitra in session on radio 2…

2011 April 14
by admin

This week Sara Mitra’s session for Jamie Cullum’s radio 2 show was broadcast.  Sara and the band sounding great so if you’d like to listen again you can for the next week on the iplayer here….    sara-photo-1 After a great responce to the debut LP and enthusiastic feedback from radio programmers across the board we’re releasing a first single ‘Baby and Me’, a classic piece of songwriting which hides a dark lyrical twist behing it’s upbeat feelgood swing.

For more about sara, live dates etc… check out sara’s site here

For the new single check itunes, amazon etc or buy direct from us and the artist here at etchshop….. we have the last few LP’s plus Cd’s of this and all our other releases.